The Seventh Step Toward Making Learning Videos: Evaluate Your Video

Summary: Evaluation of a learning video requires careful practice and confidence. This post gives an overview of the 7th step of the VFL process and shares how you should evaluate every video you make for someone. Monitor reports from LMS/CMS, offer feedback, review analytics, and track video metrics such as Watch Time, Average View Duration, Average Completion Rate, Audience Retention, Re-watches, and Click-Through-Rate.

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Sneak Peek of the Module 4 Introduction

Evaluate Your Video

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  • Determine the factors that will measure the success of the video.
  • Use the Learning Video Rubric to determine your progress as a maker of learning videos.
  • Develop a maintenance plan for the life of the video that includes a plan for obsolescence.

As you know by now, making a video is a complex set of processes that challenge every beginner. However, you are no longer a beginner. You have managed the most challenging stages of production, now it’s time to prove your worth!

What the what?

Yes, I said it. Prove that the investment in the video was worth it!

How do you prove to the skeptic that a video is worth the investment? Show them the data. Prove to them that video is engaging and financially rewarding for a business.

1. Review the Learning Video Rubric

A good learning video meets the criteria of the Learning Video Rubric. It has a clearly stated purpose and it meets the criteria associated with effective content. It also meets the technical qualifications of quality as it relates to audio, lighting, editing, and distribution.

In the course you’d be directed to do this: Directions: You have two options here. Download the fillable PDF Learning Video Rubric and fill it out as you re-watch your video. Two, go to your Scholar Workbook and fill out the same rubric located under VFL Milestone 7.

So, how do you use it?

Start by reading the Rubric top to bottom.

Re-watch your video and choose a score for each line item.

Once complete, reflect on the score and identify how you can make more effective videos in the future.

Make a list of what you need to learn or improve – and go find that information.

Check out my full post on this topic that teaches you how to use the rubric and offers you form to download the rubric for free.

How to Evaluate Learning Videos with a Rubric

Using a rubric will help you set a consistent standard for your learning video content. By evaluating content the same way for every project, you will be efficient and objective – every time. Below, I offer an annotated path to evaluate learning videos with a rubric. Each section of the rubric is captured in a screenshot followed by a brief explanation and several questions you can ask yourself to aid in completing the said section. Download the rubric and use it with your existing content or on your new videos. Then, let me know how it goes. Feel free to modify the rubric to suit your needs and attribute the original rubric to Learning Carton.

2. Activate your Evaluation Plan

When you were planning the video you should have covered evaluation. During this time you should have worked out with your team or your client how you were going to handle the following:

Monitor reports from LMS/CMS

What reports are you going to set up? If your job does not include reporting, it’s important to understand this functionality. This should be a part of your conversations with your team or your client’s team.

The most common are:

  • Learner Progress and Completion
  • Learner Participation
  • Online Assessment
  • Time Logs
  • Satisfaction Surveys

Monitor and interact with feedback

As you review the reports, (weekly, monthly, quarterly) you can help your learners by offering them feedback. This can be as simple as an email or as complex as a live interaction. Either way, stay engaged with your learners to make sure they are getting the most out of your content.

Review analytic data from the LMS

Your chosen LMS reports will give you data that is powerful if you use it. Most often people want to know if everyone completed the video training.

Review the success rate of your learners

If the video is part of a course with a quiz, leadership may want to know: Did your learners complete your video and answer questions that gave them a score of 80% or greater?

Video Metrics Your Boss May Care About

The list of video metrics may be valuable to your boss. Consider tracking one or many of these as a way to prove the effectiveness of your content.

  1. Watch Time
    2. Average View Duration
    3. Average Completion Rate
    4. Audience Retention
    5. Re-watches
    6. Click-Through-Rate
    7. Engagement
    8. Negative Feedback
    9. Subscriber and Fan Growth
    10. Top Location & Audience
    11. Peak Live Viewers
    12. Reactions
    13. Play Rate
    14. Bounce Rate
    15. Conversion Rate
    16. Who Watches Your Video


Evaluating a learning video like a professional takes careful practice and confidence. In step 7: evaluate the video, you start by measuring the video against the rubric. Use the rubric score to plan for your next video. Then, activate your evaluation plan that includes: monitoring reports and feedback, reviewing analytics, and the success rate of your learners.

Now it’s time to review everything you did!

Up next, “your” video process. We will walk through how to create your own process for making videos.


Evaluating a learning video like a professional requires practice and confidence. By following the steps outlined in the post and implementing an evaluation plan that includes monitoring reports, reviewing analytics, and assessing learner success, you can ensure the effectiveness of your video content. To enhance your skills further and create your own video process, consider signing up for the course. Sign up for the course to learn how to evaluate learning videos effectively and create your own video process. Take the next step towards improving the quality and impact of your video content.


Do you want to learn how to make your own videos like a pro?

Contact me today if you want to learn more about how to make your own or look for the link down below to sign up for the online course. And I can’t wait to help you on your journey.

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