Our Course Creation Process

How Learning Carton makes custom eLearning

Discovery Phase

In the discovery phase of the project, we will get to know you and your needs and develop a relationship with you and your team. We’ll have some fun along the way, too. Whether it’s sharing photos of our pets or discussing the latest sports scores, we want you to feel comfortable working with our team. We’ll do this over the course of four calls:

1. Initial call

This is an initial meet and greet where we learn about each other, discuss your content need and start a needs analysis process. Next: set up our next meeting.

2. Exploratory call

We’ll review your needs analysis tool and discuss the need to gather information for a formal proposal. Next: set up our next meeting to review the proposal.

3. Proposal call

We review the terms of the proposal for services through a screen-sharing call. We share the proposal in PDF form after the call and offer you time to review it in greater detail. Next: set up our next meeting.  

4. Decision Phase

This step of the process is really for you to have the time to talk internally about the proposal. Please use the time to carefully review the terms and strategy. Next: accept the proposal as is, suggest modifications and accept the proposal, or decline the proposal and stay connected via our Unpacked newsletter to continue learning for the next project.

If you decide to move forward with the project, we practice a proven development process that has been refined from years of making content.

Project Development Process

The project development process blends instructional design theory with agile project management practices. A dedicated project manager maintains a connection with your team from the kick-off call through testing and localization.

  1. Kick-off Call (Week 1)
    • Introductions between your project manager (PM) and any Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and our project manager, instructional designer, and visual producer
    • Call agenda: review the project plan, initiate the Design Document, review communication protocols, establish a timeline
  2. Instructional Design (Week 2-5)
    • Instructional Designer (ID) writes the Design Document with two review cycles with your PM and SMEs
    • The ID uses the Design Document to write the Storyboard with two review cycles that include your PM and SMEs
    • Preliminary visual planning begins during weeks 4 and 5
  3. Visual Design Phase (Week 6 – 11)
    • PMs plan for on-screen graphics, animations, narrations, and videos
    • The creative team produces the necessary assets: video, images, and audio narration; edits the production assets and shares them with the developer
  4. Development Phase (Week 12-13)
    • PM and Developer create the course with two review cycles that include your PM
    • Distribution and Testing of the course on the Learning Management System (LMS)
  5. Localization (Week 14-19)
    • Translate the course(s) into needed languages
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