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Chris is one of the most hard-working, down-to-earth, consistent, and earnest people I’ve ever met. Not only is he an excellent designer, writer, and producer of learning videos, he excels at the entire eLearning course production process from start to finish. I’ve worked with Chris on a variety of projects in the eLearning space, and he is extremely empathetic when it comes to putting himself in the shoes of the specific audience for which he is designing. In addition to instructional design chops, his attention to detail and project management skills are top-notch. I’m psyched that I’ve been able to work with him so closely because I learn a lot from him in every meeting and through every project. The other area in which Chris excels is in consulting. He is able to put others at ease while making sure they have the knowledge and confidence they need to succeed. He breaks things down in a manageable way that removes intimidation and leaves the other person with practical steps they can take to achieve their goals. I highly recommend working with or learning from Chris in whatever way you can! 

Andrea McEneaney

Instructional Designer, ID Lance

I had the opportunity to work with Chris to support my organization in developing a training program. The program was complex, and Chris and his team were given a tight time frame to complete the project. Chris was organized, committed, and provided a first-class experience. His passion for learning and development is second to none. His team worked diligently and completed the project earlier than the deadline given. I was in awe of the final product…

Kelly Louthain

Director of Clinical Services , North American Dental Group

I will forever be grateful for the wonderful videos that Chris helped create for my law firm. He made the project fun, but more importantly, he made sure that my videos conveyed exactly what my law firm and I are all about. I highly recommend Chris for anyone in need of this type of marketing.

Maria Shinn

Owner, The Shinn Law Firm, LLC

Chris and Learning Carton have great ideas and great work product. Chris’s positive energy keeps any project going.

Dan Nichols

Attorney, Harris Berne Christensen LLP

Chris has a consultative style that is based on experience, understanding the customer’s needs and pragmatism. While E-Learning is becoming a popular approach, it is difficult to pull off effectively. The right instructional design is required. Chris is able to add valuable insights and strategies to insure your initiative is a success.

Jay Foran

Senior VP, Team NEO

Chris is a master at instructional design. He has a unique ability to ask the right questions to identify the need and then create an effective curriculum. Any company, large or small, looking to establish an online learning program can benefit from Chris’s consulting. With his guidance you’ll create a meaningful, sustainable program that will serve your employees and/or clients for years.

Diane Helbig

Sales Trainer, Helbing Enterprises, Inc

Chris is one of those people that is not only a great person to work with, but also a fun person to be around. I had the pleasure of working with Chris at Cinecraft. During his time there he served in may different roles. All of which he excelled at. That is one of the things that stands out to me most about Chris. Not only is he very versatile, he can write a great script, manage a high profile client, produce an award winning video, but he approaches each role with the same thoughtful manner that consistently produces quality results.

Matt Walsh

COO, Cinecraft Productions

Chris is the absolute best to work with. Chris has the ability to capture a story and share the mission of an organization in a way that is faithful to the agency while engaging constituents. He was thorough in his communication with us and respectful of our limitations.

I cannot recommend Chris highly enough for his work but even more so for who he is as a person.

Kerri Peterson-Davis

Senior Campaign Manager, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Chris is a true professional and easy to work with. His work is creative and attentive to detail. He is passionate about eLearning, and his ability to meet clients’ needs through that avenue. I’ve seen him dive into professional challenges eagerly and perform well. He takes on additional responsibilities where they will benefit his client and never disappoints. I’ve enjoyed managing / collaborating with Chris professionally throughout the years and would recommend his work highly.

Kelly Hynds

Business Owner, Hyndsight Media

Chris has a certain set of skills that are not common. His ability to listen to customer needs and create solutions is very strong. His creativity, attention to detail, and his organizational skills allow him to execute those solutions well. He has an uncanny ability to quickly empathize with a customer and apply business acumen to the solution helping the client achieve their goals effectively and efficiently.
Joe Kerrigan

IT Business Owner, NetworkinGuys

I met Chris through my internship and later job at Cinecraft Productions. He mentored me in becoming an Instructional Designer and helped me adapt my writing skills for this field. I could always count on Chris for a good brainstorming session or constructive feedback on my writing. Chris is a very talented writer and storyteller. Whether it’s a heartwarming video for a fundraiser, an instructional scenario, or a content marketing piece, Chris can form a clear vision of a client’s project and use his outstanding creativity to create a final message that delivers results. On top of all that, Chris is fun to work with, always has a smile on his face, and puts his all into every role. I look forward to working with him in the future.

Meagan Lawton

Instructional Designer, Cinecraft Productions

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