Let’s talk about the answer to “What should I wear on camera in a Learning Video?”

Hi! I’m Chris Karel from the Learning Carton! I’m on a mission to help YOU make better learning videos.

What Should I Wear on Camera in a Learning Video

Let’s answer “What should I wear on camera in a Learning Video?”

Hi, I’m Chris Karel from Learning Carton. We’re gonna talk about…

Style – Stick to classic outfits that are not too trendy. This will create a longer shelf life for your video – And you want to avoid tight patterns that have stripes like herringbone, corduroy, and zigzags. They will likely cause wavy lines to happen on your screen.

It will be annoying. You can’t fix it.

Color – Choose soft blues, browns, greens, or coral for a top or shirt.

Accessories and jewelry – a tie or a scarf may work with just about any outfit and can be a nice touch. Dangly jewelry is a no-no. And it will be visually distracting— keep it simple – keep it classy. Your focus should always be KSB not look at me.

Footwear – make it rubber or soft-soled – comfortable. It will also be quiet on camera

Hairstyle – keep it controlled and keep it off the face. Nice and tight.

Makeup – you can use a little cover-up foundation or a little powder, or a little oil-absorbing sheet. They can really be helpful to remove those spots. Those shiny spots.

So tell me, what do you wear on camera? Do you plan multiple outfits when you are making a video? How do you screen test?

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