I’m on a mission to help people make and use video for learning purposes. Video is becoming one of the only ways we can learn something these days. So many people have been forced to be on camera. Ugh! I know so many of you hated it at first, but now you are asking the right questions. People ask me, “How do I know what to wear on camera? Do you have a list of what to wear?”

Let’s do this y’all! You will look great on camera if you reference this “what to wear” guide before every shoot.

You look fantastic! Take a breath, think about how awesome it is that you are going to be responsible for helping someone learn something new! There really isn’t a greater gift you can give to someone. Thank you for being awesome today!

~Quote from a learning video producer to on-camera talent – Chris Karel

What to Wear When You Are in a Learning Video

Everyone is nervous in front of a camera! You will reduce your anxiety jitters if you feel good about the way you look! Always keep the KSB in your mind as you plan your wardrobe. The purpose of video for learning is to improve knowledge, skills, and behaviors. Therefore, if you need to alter your wardrobe because you think it will help the viewer learn, then do it! Once you understand how the way you dress affects the image, you can choose what to wear and break the rules for emphasis!

Have Options

Prepare multiple outfits for the day of recording. If you are running the shoot by yourself, you’ll thank me later for this one. It may seem like no big deal to go to your closet during the shoot, but you need to have the complete outfits on standby so your shoot runs smoothly. There are a lot of distractions and “time-sucks” between the “set” and the other rooms of your house. You may think, “Oh, what about that blouse I just wore last week – that will look great! I’ll just change into that real quick.” only to find it’s covered in wrinkles or mysterious stains. It will be hard to resist the urge to iron it and/or whip out the Tide pen, delaying your production even more.

Pro-tip: Wear breathable fabrics!

Choose classic, timeless fashions

To extend the shelf-life of the video, choose classic styles that are not too trendy.  Avoid sleeveless or short sleeves and shiny fabrics. Think of classic combos like a shirt or blouse with a pair of pants or a skirt. A suit coat over a solid colored shirt. A solid-colored or two-toned t-shirt with a pair of pants. A black turtleneck with a pair of jeans. A blazer over a cami. A buttoned-down shirt with a pair of khakis or charcoal pants. Limit the accessories – keep them close to the body and simple.

Warm colors advance, cool colors recede

Quick color theory 101: warm colors advance toward the eye, cool colors recede into the background. Your color choices should reflect your set/scene and an understanding of the impact color has on digital camera sensors.

Color Pro-tips:

  • Avoid wearing white, all-black, and super red! These hues will cause technical problems with your camera by reacting negatively to the light. This means they will look bad in the final edit!
  • Select soft blues, browns, greens, teal, and coral for tops or shirts.
  • Pants or slacks should be gray, tan, or blue.

Solid is better than dope!

Trendy designs will be distracting to learning audiences. The focus should be on the content – #KSB. Avoid tight patterns like stripes, herringbone, corduroy, and zig-zag. These will cause wavy lines on the camera’s image.


If you think a tie or a scarf works with an outfit, have several on hand during your shoot. Make it easy on yourself. Swapping a blue scarf for an amber tie-up may improve your overall look. You probably will not need a handbag, hat, monocle, or a cane, but if you do please send me a link to that learning video. For all of your accessories, apply the same rules for color and solids listed above.

Quiet & Simple Jewelry

Dangly jewelry is visually distracting and noisy. Keep jewelry simple and close to the body: stud earrings, watch, small pendant necklace, etc.

Soft-soled Footwear

Choose comfortable, rubber, or soft-soled shoes. Feet are rarely on camera so choose shoes that will be easy on your feet. Soft-soled shoes will also be quiet on camera. I’ve had talent over the years that nervously tap their feet. Soft soles will help you avoid the sounds of unexpected (and unwanted) tap dance routines.

Tame Hair

Style your hair off of your face. Bangs and low hanging forelocks will create shadows. If your lighting skills are professional, you can get around the hanging hair. Using a little product will help keep stray hairs from showing up on the screen.

Check your Makeup

HD cover-up foundation, powder, and hairspray are essential on a shoot. Use some oil-absorbing sheets with a little powder to take the hot spot shine right off of your skin. If you are taking breaks throughout the shoot day, check your makeup and complexion before resuming the shoot. Take a picture of yourself before you shoot so that you can match the look if needed after your break. Sudden changes in eyeshadow color can be pretty distracting!

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Choosing what to wear when you are in a learning video is easy if you follow these basic rules. Prepare for your shoot day by having multiple outfit options ready for the day. Stick to classic styles that feature solid colors. If you must accessorize, keep it simple. Wear non-dangly and simple jewelry. Only wear soft-soled shoes. Style your hair tight to your head. Finally, touch up your makeup and use oil-absorbing pads for a nice look that is shine-free.

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