Welcome back to my Beginner’s Guide: Making Your Own Training Videos series. We’ve reached the final, culminating part of the process that will help you get exponentially better at learning video production over time… step 8: “MY” Video Process.

The Beginner’s Guide to Making Training Videos gives you everything you need to start creating effective videos for learning. It’s full of practical processes, guidance, and advice on how to execute learning videos of all sizes using a repeatable and customizable process.

Refresh Your Memory

If you want to review or are just joining me, I previously covered steps 1-7 of the Making Your Own Training Videos process. Each step contains a series of sub-steps and checklists, all organized for you to easily follow along as you make your own learning videos.

Step 1: Set Your VFL Goal
Step 2: Write the Script
Step 3: Plan the Video
Step 4: Make the Video
Step 5: Edit the Video
Step 6: Distribute the Video
Step 7: Evaluate the Video

Step 8: “MY” Video Process

By this part of the process, you’ve stated a goal, written the script, planned, made, edited, distributed, and evaluated your video. To do all of these things, you’ve followed my process which is really a stack of processes and checklists.

Good work!

So what’s next?

Well, now it’s time to reflect on all of the steps you’ve taken to complete your learning video project.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which of the 6 types of learning video will you make most often? (Remind yourself of the six types here.)
  • Which checklists were most helpful?
  • Which checklists weren’t relevant to you?
  • Which steps were crucial to your success?
  • What steps did you skip?
  • Which steps did you need to spend more time on?

Use your answers to those questions to customize the process to your needs. Everything I’ve covered in this series is completely customizable depending on the types of learning videos you want or need to create. Whether you are a solo DIY-er who makes screencasts for YouTube or you’re making high-budget scenario videos for your company with a vendor production team, the steps still apply. It’s just a matter of how you complete the steps (depending on your learning video type, content, gear, etc.), which can include skipping some altogether when not needed.

Start your own checklist series. Print out the materials after you make them your own.

Most importantly, make videos. Make videos every chance you get. The only way you will become proficient at creating learning videos that help teach people things is to “make” them!



The VFL (Video for Learning) process is a guide to get you from concept to final deliverable, no matter what kind of learning videos you create. The more videos you make, the more you’ll be able to hone your personal set of checklists and processes. Make sure you document them for future videos. Before you know it, you’ll be making videos as easily as your write emails!

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