RIP bad training!

Rest in peace!

The term RIP has at least ten connotations, especially in the digital world.

RIP bad training = Bad Training is Dead if you follow my new acronym for what R-I-P stands for.

Proud nerd dad note: I have two amazing young sons. They actively game and are pretty good (chuckle) at certain games. I mean my eldest won the 2016 Collegiate Hearthstone Championship which took us to Shanghai to compete for a global collegiate title. It helped him pay for school, too!

What does RIP mean?

It’s common for me to hear my youngins say RIP when I get blown up in Rocket League. If a character in a game or even a little action figure named Chad (he wears a speedo with his name and hangs off things), falls from what he’s holding onto you may hear, “RIP Chad!”

This is linguistically fascinating to me.

When it comes to training. I say RIP bad training or RIP training. This is because I am cooler than the average dad and enjoy earning my cringe points for the month. I’m not sure if that’s a thing or not, but it should be. I mean if it was a thing, I’d have the all-time high score.

OK, back to the RIP Bad Training.

R = Relatable

Good training, the kind you don’t mind taking, the kind you learn from, the kind that helps you in your job, well… it is good training because it’s RELATABLE. In other words, if the video, course, or live event is relatable then that’s a GREAT start. As an employee or learner, you can relate to training that is written from your perspective which means you see the value immediately. The voice of the content in cases like this is similar to a conversation at lunch or with colleagues during free times in the hall or on Zoom. It’s a good sign as a learner when you feel like the author of the training understands where you’re coming from rather than it feeling like some intruder wedging themselves into your workday.

I – Interesting

Good training is interesting -some call this engaging. Training is usually interesting to listen to or watch because it’s well-paced, filled with awesome images or characters, or just MAYBE the videos are fun or thought-provoking. Interesting training features storytelling, intrigue, and problem-solving. Interesting training engages your brain and makes you want to learn more.

P = Practical

The single biggest complaint I hear from people when I tell them I make eLearning for a living is that they have to take training that is boring and doesn’t even help them with their job. I covered boring with the I = Interesting, so let’s get to the unhelpful bit. Training that does not offer practical instruction is Bad Training. Listening to voiceover drone on and on or sitting through videos that overexplain without an opportunity to practice or interact leads to bad training. Practical literally means capable of being put to use. For training to be “good” the content needs to be immediately usable by the learner!


If training is written from the learner’s perspective, it becomes good training because it’s RELATABLE, INTERESTING, and PRACTICAL. Good training that learners can relate to helps them feel heard and acknowledged. Interesting training features storytelling, intrigue, and problem-solving. Your brain becomes engaged and you want to find out more. Practical training is content that the learner can immediately start using after training. If training is not relatable, interesting, and practical then RIP. Rest In Peace Bad Training!


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