This is the point that TikTok begins for me!

Ever since social media became a thing I’ve been interested, satisfied… and terrified. FOMO is usually what has driven my social media hunger… but then I went to a training session on LinkedIn. This was at the early stages of LinkedIn – pre-Microsoft. What I learned was valuable beyond measure. I was taught this alchemy: how to turn keywords and phrases into valuable nuggets that yield networking and monetary gains. I haven’t looked at social media the same since that session.

I’m going to skip over the foodporn and highlight reels of “look how awesome my life is” platforms of social media to jump to the topic of this post. TikTok!

Ever since my youngins showed me Vine, I was hooked on the short video format that yields collaboration across communities. As the youngest of six kids, I learned early that I liked to laugh AND make people laugh. Vine gave me a never ending stream (RIP Vine) of laughs and oddities I couldn’t find on other platforms. Then, TikTok came along and created an algorithm that gives me what I want while offering me a supportive community that shuns haters and (so far) isn’t so bogged down with suffocating ads.

Given all this, I’ve decided to make TikTok my primary focus and this is my starting point. I’m officially marking it on the map. I’ve bought the trip-tik, I’ve done the vision board, and I’m in!

I hope you’ll join me along the way. Stitch or duet or comment or share!

What should I post?

Let’s do this!

Join me on TikTok – chris_karel



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