How to Produce Pro VO for eLearning is an interview between Chris Karel and Erica Brookhyser, where she asks Chris questions to help everyone understand how to make professional voiceover for eLearning.

How to Produce Pro VO for eLearning


Hey, Chris, great to see you.

Thanks so much for talking to me about your process and how an e-learning course as an end essentially gets made and especially one that’s narrated.

So I was wondering, how do you ensure that when you’re working with voice actors, that you get the tone and style and pacing and everything that you need for the finished e-learning course at the end?

That’s an excellent question, Erica, and thanks again for asking.

So first off, this process of making sure we get an awesome recording in the style and the tone that we want to have for the final product starts before the session.

It starts with an email and perhaps a phone call to the voice artist if I haven’t worked with them before to just kind of talk about expectations. Usually it can be handled by an email and just sort of saying, “This is the kind of read we’re looking for. Here’s the final script, here’s some notes on maybe words that might be tricky.”

I have the same conversation with the client and talk about, “Hey, we’re going to do this. I’ve already spoken with the talent there. They know what to expect.” And here’s what you can expect, which is don’t step on them. Wait till they finish the sentence before we interrupt and give notes.

And then I maintain once we get on the call that this is an upbeat and an exciting event, no matter what the topic is, if it’s technical or it’s creative. To me, it doesn’t matter. Energy is how you get the best take from everybody, both the listeners, as well as the voice talent.

And then I sort of rely on the expertise of the voice talent to sort of take us through there. But setting up before we start recording, “Hey, Erica, we’re going to get started here in a second. I want to just take a first read for us.” They’re going to listen to it for tone. They’re going to come back. We’re going to talk about how it was and give you any notes. That way we get a good test run and we’re looking awesome right out of the gate. And then we can start stepping through piece by piece and getting an awesome take from start to finish.

Yeah, and voice actors appreciate that first run too. Just to get a little bit into the script and get used to how things are going to work. So that’s awesome.


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