Plan-Make-Improve-Share: The Best Way to Make eLearning

?? Here it is! How My Agency Makes eLearning! ?? Here we go, my pals! Picture me in my cozy little nook, where the magic inspires me to make it happen. Today, I want to share with you the four-part process that keeps me focused and ensures I get SH!T done. Let’s dive into Plan-Make-Improve-Share!


In this crucial phase, we lay the groundwork for creating outstanding online learning experiences. We analyze previous teachings & trainings, collaborate with subject matter experts, and craft a comprehensive document outlining objectives, deliverables, content types, and our strategy to accomplish it all.


It’s time to bring our vision to life! In the make phase, we get busy and create the videos, narrations, courses, and captivating designs. We package everything into a seamless bundle and eagerly send it out for review.


This is where the magic truly happens. We invite internal team members and clients to experience what we’ve made and offer valuable feedback. Through a well-executed review cycle, we refine and enhance our work, ensuring it reaches its full potential.


Now it’s time to unleash our creation upon the learning world! We share our masterpiece with the eager minds by distributing it through the Learning Management System (LMS) or a Content Management System (CMS). As learners dive in, we recommend diligently tracking metrics, then we plan for future updates and celebrate our success.

? That’s it, Peace! ? With the Plan, Make, Improve, and Share process, you’ll have a beautifully crafted course that captivates and empowers your audience. Ready to see this process in action? Reach out to me and let’s talk how we can help you with your course creation needs.


Here we go. Four part process sitting in my little nook that reminds me that I just need to get SH!T done. Here it is. Plan, make, improve and share.

In the planning phase of making online learning. You are analyzing everything that’s been taught before. You’re talking to your subject matter experts. You’re getting everything designed in a single document with an outline and deliverables and objectives and the type of content you’re going to make and the strategy to get it accomplished.

Then in the make phase, you’re going to go and make the videos, make the narrations, make the course, make the designs come to life. Put it all into a single package and then send it out for review.

This is where the improving happens. Do it internally with people that are on your team and then do it with your client.Make them see what you’ve made and give them an opportunity to give you feedback in order to improve it. Once that’s all said, you’ve gone through a proper review cycle.

Then we share it with our learning audience. Sharing with the learning audience means distributing it to the LMS or putting it up on some type of CMS so that people can find it and learn from it. Then you track the metrics, make a plan for obsolescence, and bingo, bingo, bango, you’re done and you have a course.



Chris Karel shares a transformative four-part process for creating remarkable online learning experiences. In this captivating video, he explains the Plan phase, which involves analyzing existing content, consulting subject matter experts, and designing a comprehensive strategy. The Make phase involves bringing your vision to life through engaging videos, compelling narrations, and meticulously crafted course materials. In the Improve phase, Chris emphasizes the importance of internal and client feedback, refining and enhancing learning materials to perfection. Finally, he shares strategies for effective sharing to ensure your content reaches and inspires your target audience. To revolutionize your online learning approach and deliver exceptional results, contact Chris Karel Agency for exceptional services.

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