Learning Carton is ready to help companies and organizations quickly move their instruction from in-person to an online platform. Our rapid eLearning methods focus on reusing your existing visual assets to speed up the production process. We can help you load and launch your new eLearning courses on your LMS or help you set up hosting with us.

Your Online Learning Expert

Available when you are, we will turn your content into easily accessible online learning courses.


  • Convert in-person instruction to eLearning
  • Help your team create eLearning
  • Get your content ready for your existing LMS
  • Build a Talent LMS instance for you, if needed
  • Be your go-to partner with answers to your training/learning questions

Three Options for Rapid eLearning Development 

1. Use your existing visuals, learning objectives, and written/spoken content, place into an eLearning wrapper and upload it to your LMS or ours. (2-3 weeks)

2. Organize and “chunk” your content into eLearning modules, which takes a little more time and effort. (3-5 weeks)

3. Create brand new eLearning based on your content. Our instructional designers use your learning objectives to create a succinct and effective custom eLearning course. (4-6 weeks)


Learning Carton will estimate your project upon receipt of your source content within 1-2 days.  

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