Chris Karel

Passionate digital storyteller on a mission to help people learn how to do things with writing and video. 

My Story

From lap to a laptop, I’ve always loved storytelling. Raised in the home of a Master Teacher, I was surrounded by books. Word games like Boggle and Scrabble were as normal as homemade pizza every Friday evening.

My work life began as a newspaper carrier for the Sun-News, but I quickly moved up to the big leagues and carried the Plain Dealer. Next, I started working for the City of Bedford, first as a soccer referee and baseball umpire, then as an employee of the Municipal Pool. The pool was my life every summer. I started as a guard and finished as Director of the Swim School. During my pool years, I earned my first degree in education at Bowling Green State University. I also met my forever girl at BG and we moved to Seattle after graduation.

The Northwestern years were all about developing a sense of adult identity. Hiking mountains, camping in rainforests, foraging for huckleberries, and teaching adjudicated high school youth. I learned so many new things such as you should make a lot of noise when hiking in cougar country, and that a flat-head screwdriver could be used to start most cars. Can you guess which skill I learned from the adjudicated youth? I also earned a Master’s degree from Antioch University Seattle while starting a family with our first son. Now a family of three, we returned to Northeast Ohio and moved into Lakewood.

The Lakewood years, the current era, yielded a second son, numerous dogs, and a degree in Digital Media. I love Lakewood! I’ve led the PTA, taught in the schools, organized block parties, started a youth commission, organized events, coached soccer, baseball, and basketball. But, the pinnacle happens once a year when I don the yellow tights to become Buddy the Elf to Light Up Lakewood.

Professionally, I went from writing lesson plans to writing scripts and instructional design storyboards. From documentaries to marketing advertisements, video simulations, and animated motion graphics, I went from videographer and editor to Production Manager.

Now I’m on a mission to help people learn how to do things while telling great stories along the way. If you’ve read this far, then please consider connecting with me via socials or shoot me an email ( I’d love to hear your story.

Chris Karel