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We are passionate about helping people learn new things. We can make it for you or offer coaching to your people to learn how to make better learning video courses. 


Chris Karel

Chris Karel

Founder & Managing Director

Ever since I used a popcorn bucket to defend the galaxy against the dark side of the Force, I’ve been obsessed with visual storytelling. Raised in the household of a teacher, I learned the value of lifelong learning. Now, I’m on a mission to help people learn new things and tell great stories along the way! Read more about Chris’ story before the Carton.

Our Values

Lifelong Learning

In business and in our personal lives we love to learn new things and if we are lucky, teach them to the people we care about. We value books, writing, poetry, movies, shorts, series, streaming, games, sports., dogs and amazing food!


Life is about relationships. Being honest and following through earns the trust of others. We take responsibility for our actions and speak up when we think something is not quite right.


To be creative you have to do what others haven’t done yet. Delivering results with a creative approach requires a process- oriented stick-to-itiveness that has been tried, tested, and proven to work every time. We call it consistency!


Peace begins with a smile. Worldwide, people can relate to one another with a smile. Once we learn how to enjoy our time together, life is easier at work or anywhere else for that matter.

What We Do Best

Learning Strategy


Instructional Design

Video Production


Creative Writing


Project Management



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